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19th December 2009


Hi everybody, well it's almost time for xmas now!   I had a great time in New York and Emma will be putting up our story and photo's on the site shortly.  There is lots to tell you about New York so I hope you'll like the story.


Merry Xmas


Take Care





12th November 2009


Hi everybody I’m sorry but I haven’t talked to you for quite sometime.

I have been home at the stones permanently for the past 3 weeks. I have had a lovely lot of people come to see me. A few of them came by accident they didn’t know I existed; anyhow it’s been nice to show them all around. This guy came to the stones, he was from Leicester I gave him a tour of the garden, I told him as we looked at the Angels Runway that I was no artist but I tried to place the stones as artistically as possible, he took my hand and shook it, he said you aren’t no ordinary guy, you are a star. A real artist.

I have taken down the old caravan from out the back of the bungalow, some of you might remember it, in the space we are going to keep chickens, Taz, Emma’s friend came to me with the proposal and I thought it was a wonderful idea.

I have been poorly for a few weeks now, with a bad back. I have been to Perranporth, to see Mrs Bray and another Osteopath, but without any success. My friend Paul told me to get myself to the hospital and see the Physiotherapist, which was what I did. She was a lovely lady called Hayley, she really knew what she was doing, she asked me how I did it, I told her that I had lifted a bag and as it twisted around I felt something tear. OK she said we will get you back on track in a week or two, and at the moment I’m not to bad. She told me to walk more and do some exercises. I must start cycling again as she said this was good for me. Anyway I went back today and saw the lady and she is really happy with me and my back is almost better so I won't need to go back to see her anymore.

I am going to New York with Emma; we are flying from St. Mawgan. On the 19th of November. It seams funny that 50 years ago when I worked on the runways at St. Mawgan I used to ride my bike across the runway it would take 6-7 minutes, there weren’t so many planes then, just after the war, but now we are flying direct from St. Mawgan to New York. I am looking forward to walking the Brooklyn Bridge, and visiting the place where John Lennon was sadly shot and killed. I would like to see the Empire State Building, Charlie Harvey my old school teacher used to talk about the Empire State Building when I was at school that was over 60 years ago. I never thought then that one day I would be going there.

There is a lot of excitement in our house my stepdaughter Emma Kent has been selected to play rugby for Cornwall, as long as she stays fit and doesn’t get an injury, she will play. I call her the tin opener as when she plays she splits teams open, she is so strong, I remember when she was about 7 or 8 years old she could pick up a half an hundred weight of cement that was a huge task.

All the family are well and I am happy things are going well at St. Eval. Coby the yard dog caught 4 rats in one week this is a record for him, as far as I know, everyone patted him on the head and made a fuss over him, he is a star.

Well that’s it friends until next time. Over and out.


October 2009

Hi everyone, it’s a little over 4 months now that Paul and I were in China. I will never forget the holiday, or will I forget Lisa the tour guide, that I fell in love with. I don’t suppose I will ever see her again. I think about her all the time.

I also think of the disabled beggar that Paul and I used to walk past in the evenings outside our hotel in Beijing. It was sad to see her strapped up on her wheeled bed. I wish I could have done something for her.

Well back in Cornwall, things carry on as normal, the Prynn dynasty was still busy, just because I went on holiday and had a break, doesn’t mean they did. They were just as busy as always. Max, Freya and Cobie the dogs from the yard are all well. They great the men when they go to work in the morning. They get so much love from the men at the yard; they bring them in little tit bits.

Emma and Taz have given me some software for my computer that will recognize my voice, this should make it easier for me to write the stories.

At chapel the other Sunday the preacher told a lovely story, about a village in India.

The village was in need of a new flagpole as the old one was beyond repair. So they went out into the jungle to select a tree for his job. Having done this they cut the tree down and an elephant would carry the pole back to the village, where a hole had already bean dug to receive it. Once back at the village the elephants owner tried to get the elephant to lift the pole and slide it into the already dug hole, but to everyone’s surprise it didn’t want anything to do with it. No matter how much they commanded the elephant it would not lift the pole. Well the villagers thought this was a bad omen and stopped what they were doing. While they were thinking of what to do next the elephant walked to the hole and put his trunk into it and pulled out a tiny kitten that had been trapped in the hole. The moral of the story was that god is in everything, and everything can do Gods work. And that brings me back to the disabled beggar outside the hotel in Beijing; God will be there for her.

I'll be 73 on Friday 25th September and me, Emma and Taz are hoping to go to Summercout Fair in the evening. I haven't been for 2 years so I am looking forward to it. Me and Emma are going to New York in November on the first transatlantic flight out of Newquay!

Well that’s it people, I will write again soon.