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                                         Cornish Star Chart


A lot of people who live in Cornwall consider themselves Cornish, but there are some people who are more Cornish than others so the St Merryn Druids have come up with a table to show how Cornish people are. It is called the star chart; it is rated on a 5 star rating, 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest,



1 star  if you were born in Cornwall


1 star if you’re Father is Cornish


1 star if you’re Mother is Cornish


1 star if any of you’re grandparents are Cornish


1 star if any of you’re Great Grandparents are Cornish


You also get 1 star for every 10 years that you have lived in the county



There is also one other ranking this is known as a 5 star plus. You cannot be promoted to this level you can only be born a 5  star plus Cornish person, this is a person who is born with 5 star. And there are only a few of these in Cornwall.