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>  28th July 2009  

Hi everybody this is a Ed Prynn live from the Seven Sisters and talking into a microphone that is typing this straight onto a computer. No one needs to transcribe any tapes now as Taz and Emma have spent an hour with me training my voice to work with the computer so over the coming months I won't need any assistance from anyone and i'll be able to talk to you in the computer and tell you all the magic stories about Cornwall!>




Hi folks.


I haven’t recorded much material for the website recently. In fact I have been preparing for my trip to China. Just to backtrack I must tell you about a few things that have happened recently.


Just before the start of May I travelled with Christopher to London. It was to be a three day jaunt delivering and collecting recycled material. We began by loading an articulated lorry with recycled plastic and cardboard and headed off to a warehouse situated near the Thames, on the Essex side, from where our load would be shipped over to China (just by way of coincidence). We had a great trip down but decided to sleep in the cab of the lorry overnight. I took the top berth and Christopher took the lower. Unfortunately because the lorry was parked pointing downhill it was a struggle not to fall out of my berth. Christopher had to secure me in with a piece of netting. I was bursting to spend a penny all night but just had to stay put till morning. I found the overnight experience a bit tough going, it had been so uncomfortable. I desperately wanted to get on the next train home and leave Chris to the rest of the job but he talked me into staying and I just had to soldier on. Anyway, the next morning we drove on to Newcross and reloaded the lorry with wood chip. From there we headed back toward the southwest with further stops to make. We were heading for Bristol and knew one of our other drivers would be in the area at the same time as us. His name is Phil Johns and Christopher arranged with him to meet up at Avonmouth truck stop for lunch. We arrived and headed immediately for the café. Once inside we all three ordered steak and kidney pie. It was delicious and all the other drivers on hearing my comments about it ordered it as well. Sadly for some of them there wasn’t enough to go round. Shame. After lunch I decided to freshen up as we had no facilities to do that earlier that morning. There was a communal shower room at the truck stop but being a shy soul I decided to use the disabled facility instead which had just a basin and loo but no shower. Our next stop was to be Taunton. This time I travelled with Phil and the two lorries following one another. We settled up for the night at Taunton again sleeping in the cabs. Phil bless him knowing of my discomfort the previous night gave up his comfortable lower berth and his lovely warm duvet to me. The following morning we headed for Barnstaple to unload the wood chip. Then off we set to Torquay where we reloaded with wooden pallets and then headed for St Eval and home. It’s a hard job being a long distance lorry driver. Those who do it have great endurance just like soldiers and I have the greatest admiration for them.


My friend Esther from Sheffield came to visit for the Padstow May Day celebration. She travelled down by train and I met her at Bodmin Parkway station. We took a taxi home to the stones and I gave up my bedroom for her and took the couch for sleeping. The next morning another friend arrived to take Esther and myself into Padstow. We made our way to the local community club from where the celebration was to start. The accordion players came out first followed by the drummers. It was a special occasion for me because my grandson Matthew was playing for the first time. He had bought himself a drum for £150 was wearing his blue sash and white clothes and I felt so proud. We followed them down to the town square which was heaving with people. A short speech was made by a local dignitary and the ‘obby oss’ came out dancing. It’s always a special day to hear our May Day song and see the folk dancing. Esther and I followed the parade through the town shaking hands with friends old and new. The sun shone down on us it was a wonderful day. At midday the celebration stopped to allow time for refreshments. Esther and I headed for the local chapel where we knew we could get cakes and tea. At 2.00pm we set out to rejoin the throng but didn’t get very far. The heavens opened on us and it poured with rain. So with a change of plan we embarked back to the community club house for refreshment of a different kind. The bar would be open. There we met up with Christopher, Stevie, Morris Murt and Colin Simpson and others we refer to as ‘the clan’. At 4.00pm the rain was still falling and I was expecting more guests back at home. I phoned my dear friend Susan Bray who kindly offered to collect us and take us home from the club house. The guests came and went, we had fish and chips for tea and reflected on the day. The weather had been a disappointment but I had seen the ‘obby oss’ and that was truly special. That was May Day over for another year.


Next day Esther and I went to Truro by bus. It was a lovely day and we shopped and visited my favourite place for lunch. It is a traditional English tearoom and I had another favourite, two poached eggs, toast, lashings of butter and a pot of tea.  The following day Sunday we went to chapel. I don’t recall much about the sermon but it moved Esther to tears. The following day Bank Holiday Monday we went to Plymouth. There was a band playing when we arrived and we followed it through to the Barbican. There were easily 2000 others all following too. I saw a friend from Padstow in the crowd and we both commented how it was just like May Day again with a band playing and drummers drumming. Then I saw another familiar face. It was Gypsy Acora. I asked if he was busy with clients, he said not and offered to give me a reading in his consulting room. We settled down and as usual asked me to hold the crystal ball and make a wish. So I wished for a little more travelling for the years I have left. As we get older we don’t really expect too much to happen in our lives. He told me he could see me with a lot of money but couldn’t foretell where it would come from. But if it allows me a bit more holidaying I don’t mind where it comes from. He told me a few things about St Eval Recycling and I have passed that information on to Karen and Christopher. He told me a young woman would enter my life but he always tells me that. I parted with my £20 and we went on our way. The following morning it was time for Esther to return home to Sheffield. Geoff a friend drove us to the railway station and I saw Esther onto the train and away. I think she had a reasonable holiday.


I was exhausted following those last few days and Kathy another friend staying in Falmouth invited me to stay with her to rest up and recover for a while. Kathy had taken a house right at the waters edge close to the harbour. Rest and recover is exactly what I did. I slept well, we took leisurely strolls each day and ate well. We would spend precious time at Harvey’s Wharf by the marina and watch the boats and the world go by.  I always thought of the great Cutty Sark anchored up out there.  Our last day in Falmouth was quite special. We took a boat journey from the harbour to see the River Fal and surrounding creeks. On the way across the river there was quite alot of white water.  It was a big boat and she made nothing of the journey.  Kathy got up in the bows and alot of white water was breaking over the bows and landing over her! I think her ancestors were sailors in days of old and most probably sailed on the big tea clipper’s to India.  I particularly wanted to see the freighters and transporter ships that had been laid up because of the recession. They were enormous and the bridge on each at least 150ft above us. They looked like giant dinosaurs and sadly some would be going to scrap. We also saw the mussel beds, Trellisick House and gardens. They were once owned by the Copeland family better known for their porcelain and china but now owned by the National Trust. Worth a visit. Another gem was Smugglers Cottage, Tolverne. This is where Allied troops embarked from on the lead up to the D-Day landings. General McCarthur also stayed there during this time. What a way to see Cornwall. Breathtaking. We finished our last day at Harvey’s and went back to pack in readiness to go home. It was all over too soon. The following morning we took a train from Pendeen railway station to Truro. The trains run every 15 minutes. From there we caught the Penzance to Dundee train and I disembarked at Bodmin Parkway and Kathy continued her journey to Chesterfield.


On my way home from the station I called at my bank which was organizing the currency for my trip to China. Within two days I would be on my way and all that was left to do was pack a suitcase.



23 March 2009

Apologies for not posting any stories recently. I have just been so busy keeping the household warm. It has been the coldest spell we have had in the last twenty years and it’s a full time job just keeping my fires burning. In fact I have massive great fires in the grate so much so that I even managed to burn the granite mantle by accident. It has just been too cold to keep going outside for fuel that I have had to resort to keeping it in the sitting room. The girls don’t seem to mind so that okay.

I have managed to do a bit of painting. I don’t paint like a professional, but I do love the brushes and paints and looking at the work of those artistically accomplished, be it in painting, weaving, sculpting, anything. Anyhow, I did a painting I have called The Virgin Mary. It is for Karen’s daughter Emma Kate. It represents my trip to Lourdes. Because of my limited sight I don’t paint in detail and use symbols to represent the subjects in my paintings. I kept the focal point around the two churches of Lourdes in an attempt to capture the mystique of the place and considered adding some ley lines but decided not to in the end. The squares in the picture represent hotels and the circle represents an underground auditorium, a must to see if you ever visit Lourdes.

The second painting I did was of the ski slope at Lourdes. I am sure some great artist on the other side must have been guiding my hand. Maybe my old friend Robert Lenkovich. I felt good when I tackled that painting. Even my family thought I must have had some help with it but it really is all my own work.

I brought some holy water back with me from Lourdes. I gave it to a boy in the village who was suffering from a tumour on the brain. Astonishingly he seems to be making a recovery. Miracles do happen. I don’t think enough people know about Lourdes or even our local Madron Holy Well.

I have another two paintings to complete. They will be for Christopher and represent a couple of top stories, but more about them at a later date.

Here we are now in March. Paul and I are so excited about the forthcoming trip to China in May. I hope nothing happens before then to prevent us from going.

I still go to chapel in Padstow. I think I have only missed once when I visited Sarah in Manchester. We have some wonderful preachers at chapel. I am looking forward to Easter when Terry Grace returns. He is an American. I have told Christopher I want Terry to conduct my funeral when the time comes, even if he has to fly him all the way over from America.

I have spent quite a bit of time watching programmes about religious history on TV and I told one of our preachers that it doesn’t matter about Darwin, research into outer space or the big bang. In my heart there is a place for God and Jesus. Yes, I believe in the supernatural as well.

Today I have been to St Austell where I had my hair cut. From there I took the train to Plymouth. How I love Plymouth. I sat next to a young lady on the train. I think her name was Lynne, she is an estate agent from up country somewhere. She had a lovely great book with her that I couldn’t stop looking at and wondering what it could be about and so asked her. It was a novel given to her by her niece to read on the train. Then we started to chat, about our travels. She told me about San Fransisco and the Grand Canyon. I told her about Montezuma Well in Sedona, Lourdes and Ireland and the Blarney Stone. In fact we never stopped talking until we reached Plymouth.

When I got off the train it was bitterly cold. The wind was blowing in from the north. I was going to head for the sea front but it was just too cold and windy and I didn’t want to catch a chill. I headed instead for the main shopping centre. It’s nothing quite like the Trafford centre which I think is really impressive. Perhaps Sarah in Manchester will take me there one day. I wanted to buy a suit from M and S to wear on May Day. A lovely lady assistant, she was French, helped me pick out my suit size and a matching shirt. She told me her home was just ten miles from Lourdes. I told her the story of the Lourdes holy water and recovery of the boy in our village. She said she the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end as she listened. I made my purchase and then strolled over to the Barbican Centre in the hope of seeing Gypsy Acora for a psychic consultation. Unfortunately he was away on holiday. Shame I couldn’t have foreseen that.

Now I was hungry. My gut was rattling. I asked a passer by for directions to the nearest fish and chip shop. I do like my fish and chips. Being poorly sighted and in strange territory I am often dependant on the help of others and in the main people are very kind to me. I found the shop, placed my order and took a seat. The fish was being prepared fresh for me. As I sat and waited, my thoughts went back twenty years or so when I visited Plymouth with my friend Marion. Actually I have related this story in my third book Mystic Love. I haven’t sold many copies of this one. Can’t understand why as it is a good read, but there are still several hundred sitting under my bed. We had caught the train up to Plymouth and when we arrived asked a taxi driver to take us to a restaurant he could recommend for a good roast dinner. Well, Marion was horrified when we got there. It was grubby, needed a good clean but oh the aroma of roast food was fantastic. I was hungry and my gut was rattling (as always). Marion refused to stay. She, an ex bluebell, dancer was dressed to the nines and dripping in gold jewellery. The place was just too downmarket for her. She eventually found a restaurant more acceptable (because it had silver cutlery and nice china). We took a table and she perused the menu. ‘What are you having’ she asked. ‘Fish and chips’ said I. ‘They don’t do fish and chips here, this a Chinese restaurant’, she said. Anyway off she went to ask the chef if they would do them for me and he did. When the fish arrived it was no bigger than a goldfish. I was so disappointed. We finished our meal and left. As soon as we were out of the door I made my way to the nearest fish and chip shop. I was still hungry and my gut was still rattling. Appetite satisfied we made our way to the Mayflower Steps. It was at this time that Marian and I were going through a traumatic time in our relationship. She had met another man, a tinker, tall, dark and handsome. What’s more she was in love with him. As we stood at the steps I took her arm and said ‘people have sailed from this place and made something of their lives. Stay with me and make something of your life with me. Don’t leave me for the tinker’. ‘But you don’t really love me Edward’ she said. ‘You just don’t want anyone else to have me’. At that she took off to see Gypsy Ocora. She needed his advice. Whatever that advice was it could not have been good, she emerged from his room in tears. You can read the outcome in Mystic Love.

Today, lunch finished, and I must say they were fabulous fish and chips, I made my way back to the railway station. On the way, someone called out ‘hello Ed’. I have no idea who it was, perhaps someone who recognised me from my TV appearances. I was an hour early for my train and decided to kill some time and have a cup of tea at the station. I ordered my tea and the young assistant on seeing my white stick asked if I would like her to carry it to the table for me. I thanked her but said I could manage by myself. What a mistake. The tea was rolling around in the cup as if I were on the high seas. I made it to the table and settled down. Then another catastrophe. I pulled out a handkerchief from my pocket and with it all my loose change. It scattered everywhere over the floor. The other customers in the cafeteria kindly collected it all up for me. I finished my tea, made my way to platform 4 and the train home to Cornwall.

My one bugbear about travelling by train is about those people who deliberately take up two seats. They like to sit alone and will place luggage, a coat, anything on the adjoining seat making it unavailable to other passengers. They should be made to pay for two seats. I boarded my train and sat next to lovely young lady. We started to chat and I asked her about the book she was reading. She told me it was about imaginary people but that she wasn’t particularly enjoying it. I sensed immediately she was an intellectual, I can generally tell. I thought she might be a lawyer. She told me she was in fact a trainee doctor. She asked me how I lost my sight. I explained and also told her that I could have had an operation on my remaining eye but the outcome may have been worse than better and not worth the risk. She was interested to hear of the trip to China. I gave her one of my business cards and told her I would report all about it on my website.

Now I want to tell you about St Eval Recycling Centre. We have two new dogs at the site. Max and Freya two German shepherd dogs. Max is a big, big darlin’. When he barks outside the office the whole cabin shakes We still have Cobie the collie. He lost his mate Jenny a while ago. You will see Cobie in the photograph. One day about a month ago the postman called at the site. Because he wasn’t wearing a flash jacket which the dogs identify with staff members, Max and Freya took to his trousers and nearly pulled them off the poor chap. He was hanging on to the weighbridge for dear life. He now refuses to leave his vehicle when making a delivery. We have to collect the post from him.

To give Karen credit, she has created a fantastic canteen for us on site. It has every facility for food preparation and seats about 24. We even had a full turkey dinner at Christmas. It’s very homely with photographs and pictures all around the walls. I am thrilled with what has been achieved. It has been worth all the toil and hard work to create it. Christopher and I like to chat to the men when we all get together at crib (break) time. I don’t know how much longer I can do it though. I would like to spend more time at home, talking to my visitors to the house and garden. I want to be able to tell them my stories, talk about mysticism, anything they want to know. People have been kind to me and I would like to give something back to society.

We had a visit and lecture from a health and safety officer about three weeks ago. All the staff attended. It was a good opportunity to impress on the staff the importance of wearing goggles in the workplace. I am a prime example of how treacherous work can be if not wearing protective equipment. As you know I was partially blinded in one eye through an accident at work when not wearing goggles. I had already lost some of the sight of the other eye in a childhood accident. Karen employed a translator for the benefit of our three Polish workers. They do speak some English but not fluently. Jack, Andrew and Simmy are three Polish brothers who came to us about three years ago. They came at a time when we couldn’t find anyone to work out at St Eval. Believe me working in the recycling business is a filthy and hazardous job. But they came and crewed the ship for us through difficult times and Karen thinks the world of them. After the lecture, with all the staff still together Karen took the opportunity to praise our Polish boys. She told them they were held in high esteem for their hard work, excellent timekeeping and reliability. All the British boys clapped and cheered them. This is something I will always remember because we have made the boys part of our family.

I have been watching quite a bit of TV recently. I enjoy the Discovery and History channels. Emma kindly pays for them for me. I am sure the future of our planet lies with scientists and politicians. We need to stop fighting each other and fight to save our planet.

I am hoping to get the engraving machine working this summer.

Roly and Tilly the cat are both well.

I am looking forward to May Day when I shall wear my new suit. I shall have a photograph taken with me wearing it and post it on the website.

I think it is worth while telling you all my news as it seems so many of like to view the website. Thank you one and all for taking the time to do that.

All the best




Saturday 31st January 2009


Hi everyone sorry I haven’t talked to you for sometime, the last time I talked was when I went monster hunting and since then there hasn’t been a great deal happening, I have been spending time with Christopher, Matt, Jack and the boys at St Eval Recycling. Here's an update of what I have been upto ...

My friend rented a house in Padstow for the week; it was a beautiful house overlooking the river camel. It cost her £350 a week, this was cheep as it was off season, it had 4 big bedrooms, a huge kitchen and dining room, 2 bathrooms a double garage it was a lovely house it was valued at £700,000-£800,000. I could look out the window and see my cousin Andrews farm and see all his cows. It was a great week but like all things it came to an end, and back home she went.

Christmas was approaching fast, and I was looking forward to it so much. We had the annual staff party. My daughter in law Karen and her daughter Emma Kate put on a wonderful spread, they always do. They have been running the restaurant for years. All Christopher’s associates were there, and as the night progressed, it got more and more of a party atmosphere, the free bar helped. I didn’t drink although they tried to put whiskey in my tea. I got up and did some dancing, but at 11.30pm, I had to go, I was tired out, the party however carried on for many more hours.

Back at St Eval, the men took their annual holidays, which only left a skeleton staff, on Christmas eve, Christopher said there wont be anyone shirking off we will be working till 6.30pm tonight, but at 5pm he said come on now lets all go home.

I got back to the stones and new for the next few days that I was on holiday, there was masses of wood for the fire, so we were not going to freeze, Emma and Taz had set all the presents out on the sideboard it really felt like Christmas. I suggested that we opened our presents a minute after midnight, but the girls were adamant that no one was going to open Christmas presents till the morning.

In the morning we open-ended our presents, the girls gave me a lot of clothes. This was good as I needed them. Emma cooked a chicken for lunch and we sat all sat down and ate together, Emma Taz, Paul and I, it was very homely. After dinner Emma Paul and Taz went fishing. While they were out I did the dishes and made a few phone calls, and in no time at all they were back, Paul went to Padstow where he was staying. Me Emma and Taz went back to Karen and Christopher’s house in St Merryn. Christmas at Karen and Christopher’s house always reminds me of Christmas’s at my mum’s house, everyone was there all the family, enough food to feed the British army, then we all sat down and watched a film on Padstow May Day, it was a lovely evening.

On Boxing Day all the family came over to the stones Emma had found all the photos in the loft and put them on disc for us to look at 4000 of them.

The next day we were back at St Eval and we worked up to New Year.

On the 2nd January I was going to Manchester for a break, I was going to meet a girl who had been talking to me via e mail and phone, about religious matters, she was of Asian origin, she was born in London but now lived in Manchester.

On Friday Emma took me to Newquay airport as I was going to catch a flight to Manchester. I love Newquay airport, I spent a lot of time working there when I was younger digging and building the runways, and it is always special to me.

I told Sara (that's my friend from Manchester) that I would be there about 10am. We took off in a little DASH 8 it carries about 50 people, in 25 minutes we were in Bristol where we changed planes and in another 35 minutes we were in Manchester. I got lost in the airport, I met a lovely gentleman who helped me, and he got a security guard who took me back to the carousel where the cases were. Do you know what your case looks like he said, its marked with an orange band, I told him and grabbed a case, he said that’s not yours, here it is, he then showed me to the exit where Sara was waiting.

We gave each other a hug and then we went to the car, and we drove into Manchester, I had been to Manchester before but not enough to know my way around. All I know is old Trafford, the canal, and Piccadilly railway station.

We told the taxi man to put my case in the complex outside Sara’s house and we went on to Wheatherspoons and had breakfast. One thing I noticed about Weatherspoons was that the plates were cold, my mum and Karen wouldn’t ever serve food on cold plates they had to be roasting hot. We came out of there and did a bit of shopping, and then we went back to her apartment. She said you can have my room, I said no I will take the sofa I don’t want anyone to move out of there bed for me. I thought it was a great gesture, Father always said if you invite people to stay and there isn’t enough room then you must give up your own bed even if you have to sleep on the floor. But Sara was adamant I was to have her room. Later we went back into Manchester for a look around. Sara had to get her make-up done and while she did I looked around the shops. I found a lovely coat with fur on the collars and bottom it was me, very eccentric, it was £100 but I turned it down as I was thinking about the China trip, that’s not far away now.

It was Sara’s birthday so we came Friendship Inn, just up the road. Manchester United were playing on the TV but I couldn’t see it so I asked how it was going, they started relaying me back the commentary.

I wondered what they thought about what a beautiful Asian girl was doing with an old guy like me (just about clapped out), but no one took any notice.

Sarah looked after me, she was so kind, I met all her friends. They were doctor’s lawyer’s, schoolteachers and missionaries. I asked how did you ever meet all these professional people, she said I know some from the complex and some from the church. I was really looking forward to going to church, someone came around and picked us up and we drove about 2 miles. In the church there was a stage, and Sarah told me that it can hold 300 people. On the stage there were people playing guitars and the congregation would sing along, the words would come up on a big screen, very different to Padstow were I go to church. I must quickly add the week before in Padstow church we had an American preacher; he was superb he really was a great preacher, one of the best I have ever seen. We came out of the church and we drove a couple of miles to a small pub for a Sunday roast, it was lovely. We then went back to Sarah’s flat.

That evening we went down to the local pub for our tea, in the evening we went back to the apartment, along with some of Sarah’s friends and had a bit of a party. Later that night we watched the movie that Geoff and I had made of St Nectens glen, the curse of mother Ives and madron holy well. After that it was time for bed, but before we did we had a picture shoot. The next morning when I awoke it was white outside. the taxi driver was late, when he did arrive, wasn’t she cross with him she said I want you to put your foot down and get us too the airport, she wasn’t verbally cross but you could see in her eyes that she was fired up, the taxi driver knew this, and kept quiet.

As it happened there was ice on the runway and the plane was delayed for an hour. I said goodbye to Sarah and gave her a hug, she looked after me well and I will go back and visit her. Sara had arranged a special minibus for me as I was partially blind, this came and took me to the plane first, before all the other passengers got the normal bus, I felt like the king. The king of Cornwall. She treated me like her dad; she really did look after me.

I knew even before we came into land where we were I could see, even with my limited eye sight, the white hills of the clay works and the green ponds next to them and I knew in ten minutes we would be landing. It was a lovely landing. St Mawgan runway is one of the longest runways in England and one of the widest, when I used to work there 30 years ago I sometimes had to ride my bike along it, and if there was a head wind it would take me 8 - 10 minutes to reach the end. I was always worried that a plane was going to land while I was cycling. One day I can see a big A380 coming into land there, one day that airport will be big.

They sent a van from St Eval recycling to get me, it took me home, where I got changed and went back to St Eval.

We have had a couple of big funerals around here, one guy was called Derrick Ball, and his name is carved on slate here at the stones. It reads Derrick Ball man of god. When Derrick first came to the village he said to me what years I have left I am going to devote them to helping people. He would quite often walk to Newquay, to the old peoples home, he could have caught a bus but the guy was so fit. He helped the sick and the needy he was a bit of an angel, well sadly Derrick has passed away and the whole village came to pay there respects, sadly I wasn’t there. He was such a well liked guy.

Another guy that has passed away was a lorry driver from Wadebridge called Dave Bewes he often came out to St Eval in his lorry to get sand. He was another great guy if you ever seen him on the road he would flash his light and beep his horn. Everyone liked him, when he came to the office he would bring the office girls fruit or chocolate. Well Dave has a horrific accident as he was unloading his lorry the tailgate flipped up and the coal he was carrying came out, buried crushed and killed him. He had booked a ticket to go to Thailand for his holiday; he said I wish I knew before because I would like to have come to China with you and Paul, we would have loved his company. There were 500 people at Dave’s funeral that tells you what sort of guy he was. Sometimes you don’t have to be a Christian you can still sow the seeds of love and friendship to everyone.

We are very busy at the yard we are cutting out a new road there is going to be a roundabout there with the piece of blue Elvin stone in the middle, as a sculpture, Karen said they are going to put a statue of me there also beckoning people into the recycling yard.

Me and Matt have had the 22 RB crane working. Matt was scared to touch any of the levers, there must be 20 levers, no one knows what they are for, we haven’t even got a manual. It’s a vintage machine. We managed to pull up the jib and some said we need a Cornish flag on top, maybe we will another day.

Now a few prophecies that I am going to make, I think that we will one day have cars that run on electric power, not the ones that you have to charge up when you come home but the sort that produce electric as they go along.

I can see us getting more into nuclear power. The scientists will over come all the problems and make it so much safer, they will be building power station in the Sahara desert and other places of the world.

I can’t see our railway system improving in the near future, that will take time to get right. Even in my lifetime I have seen so much progress from horse drawn carriages to mechanical threshing machines now combine harvesters, TVs how I would love to come back in 300 years time what changes there would be. We could be living in space.

I am looking so forward to the China trip, its only 3 months away, and seeing Paul try to talk to the Chinese people. When he was at St Eval he was always good to talk to the eastern European labourers he got very good at it, it will be good to see him talk mandarin Chinese.

Thanks to everyone who looked at the web site, and in the future I am going to start a video diary, Taz said I can do it with my camera, so maybe every month I can start telling stories of the people in our village, I might even tell the story of the guy we call uncle Les.

God bless everyone

Regards Ed

Saturday 8th November 2008

On the 26th October a group of 9 visitors came down from London. The group leader was Christine. A lovely person as were all the others in the group. I showed them all around the stones. It was great to show them the rocking stone as people up country don’t seem to know anything about them. Yet they have never died out down here. I also demonstrated water divining, explained about ley lines and other related mystic stories. They stayed for over 2 hours and it was bitterly cold outside but I had a roaring fire going in the sitting room. The visitors came indoors and stayed for a cup of tea. It was a lovely end to the afternoon.

Julie from West Country Television called and asked me if she could film and interview me for a short piece about Halloween. Of course I agreed and she, Matt the cameraman and sound man Luke duly arrived the day before Halloween. I had a great day. We talked about Druids, trick-or-treating and other cultures. Everyone was enthusiastic but we had to do some of the shots again to have everything perfect for the programme. We had a bit of fun filming around the kitchen table. It featured a shot of one of my paintings called Competion. Many will have seen it on my website but will not know the story behind it because that is a big secret. We then moved on to the use of carved vegetables at Halloween time. Years ago turnips were used in the carving of scary faces and lighting them from the inside. They were often difficult to carve because of their hardness. The tradition became pumpkin-ified when Irish immigrants found the orange vegetable sprouting in abundance in North America. Today pumpkins are big business. I demonstrated the carving of both vegetables at the kitchen table. Actually the turnip was fairly easy to handle. The pumpkin was a different matter. I could barely get the knife through the flesh. It was like cutting through concrete. I struggled manfully with it without success before breaking down in a fit of giggles. It was then that everyone else fell about laughing. It was hilarious and we decided to keep that in the film. The piece was aired on television the following day and I had great reviews.

The same evening my friend Penny arrived and we travelled together down to Penzance and met up with some old friends. Pixie Jean, Peter, Louise, Margery and Jack were all there. They are like my family. All started out on the Christian path but turned to the pagan trail. I love them all, they are great people. Oh, how I love to talk to Jack, he is a great Cornishman. He is about 65 and been a hard rock miner. Spent many years at it drilling, blasting and working in the wet. There was a period in his life when there was not a lot of mining work available. He had to take a job on a trawler, deep water fishing off the north Cornish coast and Lands End area. He told me of one trip he made off the Scilly Isles, in fact just off Bishops Rock lighthouse, when a great storm broke over him. Jack said he had never seen seas like it. I have heard it said seas in that area can be mountainous because of where the tides meet. Jack went into the wheelhouse and told the captain how terrified he was and how he thought he would have a heart attack. The captain thought he must be joking. ‘No, It’s no joke’ said Jack. ‘Right’ said the captain, ‘instead of dodging out the storm out here, I’m going to take you home to Penzance’. Three hours later, and running with the sea because it was a southwester, Jack stepped ashore in Penzance. Jack was never afraid of going down the mines but to this day he has never again ventured out to sea.

The following Sunday I decided to attend a Christian service down in Padstow town. Emma took me there. The sermon that day was about having faith. The preacher told the story of Jesus and his disciples taking a boat and crossing a lake. As they sailed Jesus fell asleep and at the same time a great storm arose. The disciples were in panic as water filled the boat and they thought they would all perish. They woke Jesus who stood and with few words calmed both the waters and the wind. He then asked them where was their faith, did they not believe in Him or the power of The Lord.

I remember about 30 years ago out fishing around Gulland Island, 2 miles off Harlyn Bay on the North Cornwall coast. There was a spring tide and we were safe fishing in the shelter of the island. But, as we made to return to shore the wind picked up and pulled our boat toward Trevose Head. The engine was at three quarters throttle and I can remember my companion Donald say ‘Ed, we are going to drown tonight. You had better pray’. At that I told him to open up the throttle to full power. I thought if I was going to drown we must at least get out of the strong current. There was also a young lad called Clive with us. None of us were saying very much and that’s when I said my prayer. It wasn’t out loud for them to hear. I put my hands on my knees, closed my eyes and said ‘Dear Lord please save us. Don’t let us be pulled to Trevose Head and drown. Let it be that we can step ashore safe, all of us’. When I opened my eyes the waves were breaking behind us and hissing like a thousand rattlesnakes. The boat was rising and falling into and out of great troughs of water. I was hoping someone might have seen us from the clifftops but we were a long way out in just a 12ft boat. After half an hour we found ourselves in calmer waters and we stepped ashore safe and sound. God was with us that night. We were so afraid that we didn’t venture out to sea for at least a week later, and never again went out on a spring tide in a 12ft boat. We were reprieved from death. What a great example of the meaning of the Sunday sermon, having and keeping faith. I shall be attending services again in future.

Sunday afternoon I cut the grass in bitterly cold weather. Emma went off to play football and she plays in goal for the St Agnes ladies team. They call her the cat. I’ve told Emma I think this will be her best season. I like to know everything about each match. We sit in the living room together on a Sunday evening and she relates all the details to me. I could go to watch her play but I don’t see too well as you know and I don’t like to miss anything.

Back at St Eval Recycling we have two new dogs. They are both Alsations. The big boy is called Max and he is ‘andsome, the bitch is called Freya. When we had Jenny she had a mate Coby who is still with us. He has assumed leadership of the three. I think they are a bit afraid of Coby. I wouldn’t like them to turn on him but I think they respect him. Coby is always running around the site while Max and Freya prefer to lay out in the office. The men love to pet Coby and are always giving him little presents. Occasionally Coby will catch a rat. When he does the men always want to know the details. It’s a bit like the wild west frontier here and Coby roams his territory like the town marshal. He is top gun here. I remember telling you a story of a resident rat we once had here. He wasn’t quite a pet but wherever we went he was there. He wasn’t afraid of us and we weren’t afraid of him. He was old and time-worn and we nicknamed him Grandad. He had been around for about 3 months and we knew that sooner or later he would fall foul of Coby. Sure enough one day Grandad was crossing the road and the two came face to face. I am sure you can guess what happened next. That was the end of Grandad. He fell foul of Coby, the great marshal of St Eval Recycling.

One piece of advice to you readers if you are ever out picking up spare bits of pipework in your garden or shed. Don’t pick up from either end section, use the middle. One of our men made that mistake and a huge rat ran right up his coat sleeve. He remained calm but shook his arm violently until the rat fell out. I gave him a certificate for bravery which he firmly deserved and he has to this day.

Finally. It’s that time of year again and looking forward to our Christmas party. It’s always a cracking event. I am sure there will be lots to report.

Until next time dear friends and, new friends who may have just found us here in St Merryn , Cornwall, regards and good health to you all. You are always welcome to visit.

Saturday 1st November 2008

Here is some latest news ....

On the 22ndof September, my friend Pixie Jean came up from Penzance to the stones with several of her friends to perform an ancient Pagan ritual. The day before, I got the garden ready, it was looking fine. We danced and sang, chanted and prayed we all went under the mystic net of love, this is like a game where we throw a ball of wall to each other and complimenting each other on different things. In all it was a fantastic day and I was glad to see Pixie again as I hadn’t seen her for some time, to think that we were both very friendly at one stage, but there it is time moves on.. We also did some circle dancing, of which I am very fond of. Pixie asked us to come to Penzance for Halloween, so Penny and I are going.

I have now finished the grotto, so anyone who comes to the stones can take away some of the healing waters, I haven’t put any bottles there yet but I will for next summer.

We are busy at the recycling centre, so I still haven’t done any work on the crane yet with Matthew.

Matthew Prynn is now 16, he has got his provisional licence, and he takes his dads tractor into Padstow. I think to tell the truth he goes a lot farther than he says, but boys will be boys. Matt went to rugby today and scored a try, of which I was delighted about.

Saturday I am going to our foreman, John Underwood’s 25thwedding anniversary, we are going to Newquay. I would like to go dressed as Annie Oakley but as yet haven’t got an outfit.

My friend Paul, who is doing a diploma in photography at Truro College, asked if he could do a documentary on me and my life style for his project well he came around one morning and did his photo shoot, I hope it helps him out.

On the 21stNovember I am going down to the mystic fair in Newquay, I will tell you more of that when it happens.

My friend Geoff has finished the 3 films that we made, they are for sale at £10 pounds each, and you can see a clip of it on Youtube (there is a link on my homepage). While telling the story about Mother Ivey's and Squire Peter's I forgot to mention about the last baby that was born at the Sellers and Geoff was behind the camera rocking his arms, this made me laugh.

As you know our chapel closed down. I was undecided on whether to go to St. Merryn church or Padstow chapel and today I plucked up the courage to go I put on my cream suit and Emma drove me into Padstow, when I walked in, one or two spoke to me, it is a friendly place, there is no snobbery at all. There shouldn’t be any snobbery anyway but in some places there is, like I have always said the church is for everyone, whether you are rich or poor, Jesus himself was a chippy he wasn’t no big entrepreneur. I found a seat and settled down it was very comfortable, not pews like in St Merryn just normal chairs.

The preacher gave a lovely service, about king Nebuchadnezzar and the three men. King Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon. The Hebrews or Israelites were in captivity there. When the three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow before the statue that King Nebuchadnezzar made, the king became very angry and ordered that the furnace be heated seven times hotter than normal. The king himself did not throw the Hebrew men into the furnace. Those who obeyed the King's commandment, and did cast them into the fire, were killed by the fire. The three Hebrew men who were thrown in were seen walking in the fire with what appeared to be a fourth man. King Nebuchadnezzar called them out. They came out unharmed and not even the smell of smoke was upon them they told him that the fourth man was God and that God had saved them.  The meaning of this the preacher said, was no matter what the situation, God will always be with you. Another guy at chapel today gave a little speech about courage and determination, and that sometimes we lack courage, determination and effort, we must be more like the Olympic athletes that keep on until they drop.

I had a dream the other night, I dreamt that I went to heaven, for a visit, while I was there I met up with my old friend Harry Orchard who had passed away a few years ago, I said hi Harry how are you, all right boy he said and how are you. I said what it is like here then what do you do with yourself all day, well boy he said I do a lot of fishing, so I said there must be a lot of pools and lakes here, yes he said scores of them. I then woke up, but thought to myself what a great place.

I am looking forward to the China trip, so is Paul.

I am toying with the idea of getting myself a water buffalo, Felicity at work said you would have to get 2 for company, I could see myself riding one up to shop to get my groceries and the take it down to Harlyn bay and give it a walk in the water

Another thing I was thinking about, was people now are spending millions of pounds making there houses insulated from the cold, I myself have just put in new double glazed windows and doors on the front of my house, but what is going to happen when this global warming hits us, we will be taking out all our double glazed windows and replacing them with louver windows, we will be taking out the loft and its insulation, we will be knocking holes through our house to let the draught through, so we can sleep. But with this in mind I think I am going to leave the windows at the back of the house for a while just in case it starts to heat up.

Well that’s it for now take care out there.

All the best Ed

Monday 21st January 2008

Hi everyone I hope you are all well.  Just a quick message to say that I shall be putting a new story up soon as I have been to France for a week and had a fantastic time!  I have also recently been given an engraving maching so will start adding more slates to the bungalow.  Take Care, Ed.

Monday 1st October

I had a photographer here last week who photographed me and the stones for a book he is working on about people and houses of Great Britain.  A film crew came with him as well as they are making a film about the book.  Hopefully it should be released in February so I shall keep you informed.

Tuesday 31st July 2007

Today Boobies came over and we did a sundance to keep the good weather going!  The moon and the tides are right so we should have some good results.

Tuesday 17th April 2007

Well it will is 2 weeks today until Mayday and I am looking forward to it as I have friends coming down to stay.  I haven't been upto much lately apart from working on the garden.  Our birds haven't arrived from Africa yet but give them a few weeks and they shall be here for another 6 months.

Tuesday 20th February 2007


Hi everyone


Just because I haven’t posted anything on my web site for a while, that doesn’t mean I have been laying fallow. There isn’t a day goes by that something doesn’t happen.

I have been to see gypsy Acora in Plymouth we had a fantastic hour together in which I had never laughed so much, I still think he is the cat’s whiskers when it comes to fortune telling. If the late Princess Diana had visited him I think she would still be alive today. I held his crystal ball and told his fortune; he laughed and said you’re a natural. Then he looked deep into the crystal ball and said “I can see a younger woman coming into your life” I said “your too late, she came and only stayed four days and then left, I think my dog Rolly had a bit to do with that, he helped himself to the chicken she left on the kitchen table, he ate the lot bones and all, so the furniture wagon came and off she went” no he said “not that one a younger one, but that wont be until April so you will be hearing about that later in the year.


He also foreseen when I would finally get my call up papers he said I would get them at the age of 92, well that left me in a bit of a predicament I am going to have to sack all my bearers as some of them will be to old and feeble to carry me, some might not even be around then. So I will have to pick younger bearers maybe there children.


Before I left we discussed the football I was so sure we were going to win the world cup but this wasn’t to be so we talked about the best way to pick the manager, and we both decided that the best way would be for the fans to pick, if all the fans picked the manager would get a real vote of confidence this would create energy, a bit like lay lines and spread from fans to the manager and then on to the players. This could be a winning formula.

                             Bye now my friends.



Tuesday 23rd January 2007

Edward will be appearing on A West Country Childhood @ 7.30pm.   The programme will be shown on Tuesday 23rd January on ITV Westcountry.  If you do not live in the region then you may be able to watch it through SKY if you search the listings. 

30th December 2006

Most mysitcs get visions of things that will happen in the future.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  Some things they predict never happen but sometimes they do but a few days ago I had this vision that our planet was in big trouble and I only wish I could tell you more!  I do know that this trouble will happen about 33 years from now. 

I am looking forward to somone setting up a base on another planet.  Noah took many animals on his arc and it is essential that modern day astronauts take many with them as well such as dogs, cows, horses, hens, turkeys, goats and bees.  This would probably save their lives and if the worst scenario happened on this planet then hopefully there would be enough humans to carry on in space to one day come back and start again.  There should be the same amount of women as men in these bases.  Sadly I shall be too old to see this happen but I shall watch this from the spirit world.

Maybe this will never happen so I wish you all a Happy New Year.  Ed

23rd December 2006

Hi everyone sorry for not writing to you lately but I have been busy with material for the new book!  I have had a very good year with many highlights and the highlight of the year for me was meeting Sir Ernest Shackleton's gradaughter in Falmouth.

I lay in bed the other morning thinking about all the places I have been in my llifetime and it seems to me that I am chasing famous spirits of old.  My visit to the Queen Mary in LA was alive with spirits when I was there!  I also went to Bristol and saw Brunel's ship the 'Great Briton', and spiritually I felt very close to Brunel.  Another trip was to the Cutty Sark in London.  As I stood on the decks it felt like I was there with the sailors coming around Cape Horn and I could feel the wind and hear the noises.  It was very magical for me.

I also went to Grenwich to see the Meridian line and learnt all about it and I saw John Harrison's watches whose name I have put on wall of fame.  I also remembered that I had visited the HMS Victory and once more as I stepped on board I could smell the gun powder and imagine all of the fighting that took place and the sailors.  The final ship that I remembered was the Royal Yacht Britannia, (which I visited with grandson Nick) many famous people had been aboard that ship, some have passed over and some are still alive.  Many of the people who had been on that ship are on my wall of fame.  As we walked around the ship I felt the presence of the crew and those who had passed over and felt that I was very close to alot of people as they had left their aura behind.

Sometimes I often suspect that some of the people who I have on my wall of fame help me from the other side so the trips to these famous boats were well worth it to me. 

That's it for now but I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you to everyone who has sent me a xmas card and visited the site.


13th October 2006

I haven't been talking to you much recently but the reason why is because I have been to busy.  A few weeks ago I was all changed up in my best clothes to go to Plymouth to see Gypsy Acora.  Just as I was going out of the door my son called me to ask for my help for the day but I am hoping to get to see Gypsy Acora before Christmas.  We have a saying here in Cornwall it will happen dreckly' which means it will happen soon but not sure when.

I also went to Falmouth Maritime Museum to the James Caird Society dinner.  I was lucky enough to meet Sir Ernest Shackleton's grandaughter.  The evening went well and I didn't think it was a snobby gathering.  It was then time to go upstairs to the restaurant for the meal which I had paid £40 for.  I didn't go into the restaurant as I felt I would struggle to find my table so I waited on the top of the stairs for a member of staff to help but none of them did so a kind gentleman asked if I needed any help.  I did really but I didn't want to be a burden to him so I continued to wait for some staff but again no one turned up.  By this time I knew I had made a big mistake by going on my own so I decided to leave the party and find myself a fish and chip shop.  I must confess that the fish, chips and peas were delicious and then I phoned Emma who came to pick me up but I am still a fan of Ernie Shackleton and he is still my number one out of the famous people.

A few weeks ago I was here at home one evening and a chap turned up and asked me if I had his great great grandad's name on the wall?  I said that I didn't know and asked him what his name was.  He said his name was Sir Humphry Davy who was a great Cornishman and invented the miners lamp and also laughing gas.  I took him to the engraved slate and he shook my hand and said thank you very much for doing that.  I told him that his relation doesn't need me to advertise his name as he is very famous in Cornwall and everyone knows him.  He replied that he knew that but he was just glad that Sir Humphry Davy's name was here at the stones with all the other famous people.  Just before he left he shook my hand again as it meant everything to him to see the name on the wall.  It made me feel good then to know that all my time was worth it.  I have about 600 names on my walls but eventually I shall start telling you about everyone of them.

On the 25th September it was my 70th birthday and I didn't think that there was anyone on earth who could have suprised me and thought I had all the suprises I was ever going to get.  On that night my friend Geoff invited me over to his house for a meal.  As I was getting ready Emma and her friend said they were going out to Redruth for a meal so I didn't suspect anything and off they went and said I would see them in the morning.  My friend Geoff arrived and he was changed up and had a beautiful cream jacket on.  When we were on the way to Geoff's I told him that I thought it was strange he was wearing posh clothes and he said that he like to dress up in posh clothes now and then.  When we got to St Merryn village we had to stop at my son's restaurant and he said we had to get a fish pie.  He told me I could stay in the car if I wanted but I said no I will come with you.  I walked in the restaurant behind Geoff and it was packed with people.  With my limited sight I thought 'it is some busy here tonight!' next thing they were all singing happy birthday!  I couldn't believe it that they had pulled a fast one on me and I quickly said that I knew all about it cos I had looked in my crystal ball!  I hadn't really.  There in front of me was Emma who didn't go to Redruth at all she had been in on it.  All of my relations and friends were there and we kept on going until the early hours.  It was some party believe you me.  I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my friends for coming and the presents they gave and a big huge thanks to Karen, Chris and my 2 grandsons.

20th August 2006

Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know that last night was the St Merryn Carnival and we entered a 40ft arctic trailer.  We entered our float as a spin off from Gordon Ramseys cooking show.  I dressed up in a womens cook outfit with a red wig and was known Granny Fanny and the float was called the Happy Fanny.  I had friends playing my family and Gordon Ramsey.  We set the float up as an old fashioned kitchen and we were making pasties whilst Gordon was telling us how filthy it all was.  We had a dog from the yard licking all the plates to make things really bad.  The carnival was very successful and rumour has it that it was one of the best carnivals the village of St Merryn has ever had.

Well that's it for now.  On Monday night I am off to the Hall for Cornwall to see Jethro and Johnny Cowling perform which I am really looking forward to.  One of my favourite jokes of Jethro's is 'Women are like wheelbarrows, hard to push and easy to upset!'


4th August 2006


I have always known that if you fall in love when it is a spring tide then the love will be at it's strongest and drive you crazy!  I thought that everyone knew this but I have just found out that not everyone does.

This year's Spring Tides on the Cornish Coast are as follows ..

11,12,13 August

8,9,10,11 September 10 October

5,6,7,8 November

6 December

30th July 2006

Hi everyone, I had a nice gentlemen come to see me today and after a while I realised that he came from Carlisle so I asked him about the Carlise stone and if he knew much about it.  He said that he lived about 5 minutes away from it and apparently he knew that the bishop had put a curse on it.  He asked me if I could lift the curse on the stone and if I could turn it into a healing stone so I told him I would do better then that and show him how to do it.  When he completed climbing through the healing stone in my garden he then was to ask the god's to make the Carlisle stone a great healing one.  I then said to the man that I am not a vicar or a priest but would he like to say a few words about the stone

In the name of the lord jesus I ask that you bless the Carlisle stone and let it be that it becomes a great healing stone.  I told him that he may have to wait for the change to take place but he will just have to wait and eventually it will heal people

Do you remember last week how I said that the preacher was so powerful that I almost broke down and cried?  Well as I am mystic and a christian I had the ability to stop myself going further with the spitiual side as it can be very dangerous.  I have seen it happen to people before.  Religion is very important in some peoples life but if you go over the top and mix it with politics it can be very dangerous rather it be paganism, druidism, christianity just let it be sweet and gentle and don't let it take over your life.


23rd July 2006

I'm feeling on top of the world today!  I went to chapel this morning and there was a lady preacher who preached so well I almost ended up crying.  She said if you can't love your neighbour or anyone else then make sure you love god.  After the service she came back into the congregation and spoke to me. I said Valerie I have never heard anything like that today and you are the best preacher in the land.  She leaned over and I gave her a little kiss, not on the lips though just on the side of the face and I felt so honoured.

I came back home to the stones and I had four visitors from Tavistock way.  One was a guru, one was a singer, one was an artist and the other one said he was in business.  Soon after they had left a big expensive car pulled up.  I thought to myself this must be someone famous or a lotto winner.  I quickly realised that they came from Plymouth by their accents.  I told them all about the stones and I discovered two of them were nurses and they were beautiful women and they had short skirts on but not like the ones that are six inches long.  After I had shown them around we walked back to the car and I said how beautiful it was and she told me that she had won it in a competition.

The next lot of visitirs that came was two women and a man who came from Yorkshire and he had read all about me in a book so he came to visit.  He told me all about some rocking stones in Yorkshire and he was going to try and find out more about them and let me know.  When he contacts me I shall let you know what he says.  Before he left his grandson and daughter rocked my rocking stone and I told her that I would stand back out of the way and that it was her wish and she should make a wish for her son and soon after they left but they are coming back on Wednesday or Thursday night with other people.

I have only told you a fraction of things about what have happened today but I must go now.

17th July 2006

Hi everyone just a quick entry to say that within the week 'Slates on my House' section should be completed and up on the site.


4th July 2006

I'm very low and depressed after our exit from the World Cup.  I was so sure that we were going to win and be world champions and so much so that I placed a bet!  If they had beaten Potugal I was going to put another bet on.  I thought that the mystic magic was with the team even though we got down to 10 men with Rooney being sent off!  When the players started to take the penalty's I realised that the curse was still on the team and I did everything I could to remove it but obviously it goes very deep and I will have to spend the next 4 years thinking about what can be done.  I don't think that the curse is coming from abroad, it might lie at FA headquaters but I am going to Plymouth in a few weeks time to see my friend Gypsy Acora and ask him what we can do about it.  As England fans we must all put this behind us and look to the future but I will keep you posted on what other mystic's say about the team.

11th June 2006

Hi everybody, today I went to Chapel and I was half an hour late.  We had a good preacher and sadly I missed half of his sermon.  I just didn't realise that there were so many people on this earth that needed help!  We prayed for them all.  I said to to the preacher that it would be nice if we could have him back every week as he was visiting.  Once a month at St Merryn Chapel the congregation does it's own thing and different people can tell a different religious story.  I have done it myself before and I had alot of praise from the visitors.  In 3 weeks time I shall be going up again and telling my story.  Don't be worried for me though as there will only be about 6 people there and I won't be nervous!!


4th June 2006

Hi everybody, I have been away for the weekend and I spent all day on Saturday in Cardiff city centre with my son and 3 grandchildren.  It was glorious weather and we stopped in a corner cafe and had tea and spoke to the Welsh people.  I saw 3 rickshaws and I asked one of the young men if he could take me for a ride in it.  He asked me where I wanted to go and I told him not very far but I just wanted to see how it handled and what it was like.  My son took some pictures of me in it.

I only went to Wales for one thing and that was to see the Millenium Stadium and as my son is a huge speedway enthusiast so he offered me a free trip to the stadium and we watched all of the top speedway riders of the world.  So at 7pm the Prynn family headed out for the Millenium stadium!!  We seemed to climb alot of stairs and then we went through a passage and when we emerged we were about 100 feet high!! It was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had and everything was colourful and the stadium was about half full.  When I sat in my seat and looked down at the speedway track a few thoughts ran through my mind.  A few 100 years ago in these amphitheatres such as the colliseum in Rome people entertained the crowds by killing each other and now I am sitting down in a giant modern day theater.   I thought of David Beckham and all of the famous footballers of the world and all of the great rugby matches that had takern place there.  I wasn't really interested in seeing the speedway but I went along anyway just to see the stadium.  I felt very priviledged to be in the stadium watching these world class rider.  It felt like I was in a sea king helicopter watching them from above.  I ended up enjoying the speedway and the grand finale was a firework display which was fantastic and then the time came when we had to leave Cardiff but then today my family took me to a place called Newport where I wathced another speedway meeting.  As a bit of an entrepreneur myself I could see so many things wrong with the Newport stadium after going to the Millenium Stasium.  Speedway is a great sport and I think a lot of the people who run it are only interested in the bit of ground it is on anyway the is another story for another day.

I said good bye to my grandson who was going home to the Midlands and now I am back home with my dog roly and there is a glorious sunset going down over the Celtic Sea so I have got a feeling soon that I shall be going off again soon on another trip!!  That's it for now folks, I do have other trips lined up which I will tell you about nearer the time.


24th May 2006

I have been very busy over the past few weeks, you may have seen me in the Western Morning News and the Sunday Independant.  I have been helping with the healing of Wayne Rooney's foot! 

8th May 2006

Hello all this is just a quick update to let you know what I have been up to ...

German TV came over to film me working on the sand in Padstow last week and then we came back to the stones and did some filming and great interviewing.  I told the director Nickel that I knew of an old smugglers hideout near the sea.  I took them upto Trevose Head and they were mesmerised by the scenery and the magic and mystique of the ocean.  The hideout is half a mile from Treovse Head and I do not suppose that there are more then ten people alive who know that it exists.  If you were wanted by the customs or the police then it was where the great smugglers of the olden days would hide away and no one would ever find them.  The piece will be shown on German TV on the 25th May so if you have any friends in Germany who would be interested in the piece then please tell them about it as it will be a super piece of television.

5th March 2006

Hello Everyone

Thank you for all your continued support over the years.  The stone circle is in it's 24th year now and i'd like to thank you all for visiting me.  Over the past few years I have been working on projects away from the stones and many people have thought that I had passed away as no one had seen me!!  Well I am alive and well and am planning on being at home throughout the summer months.  Please call ahead if you plan on visiting so I can be here to greet you.

You are all probably wandering what I have been upto so here is a run down ..

2005 was a good year for me and I did quite a bit of television work.  In April I did a small piece for French TV and we went up to Trevose Head and filmed the sea, cliff and marine life before heading back to the Stones. 

In August I had a visit from Discovery TV and they wanted to talk to me all about curses and how to lift them.  They filmed me lifting a curse but this wasn't no ordinary curse this was like a cull.  They told me it would be shown sometime in January this year but nobody has seen it yet, maybe they will never show it as they are to afraid of the curse!

In September I had a visit from German TV who wanted to make a film about ancient caves.  I knew of one in a secret location near by which I believed Merlin, Gwinervear and Arthur had stood in.  It is always nice if you know if someone famous has visited a place but even though nothing has been written in history books about them ever being there I felt spiritually that they had been.

In October I had a visit from an Australian TV company.  I felt very proud when they arrived as they said they had come especially to see me.  I told them how I had put a friendly spell on the Oz cricket team and that was how they lost the ashes.  For the filming I brought out my own Obby Oss because I knew that there would be alot of Cornish cousins in Oz and would think of Cornwall.  It was a wonderful piece, infact the presenter sent me a tape back from Oz when it was finished and that's more then what I get from European film makers!

In January 2006 I went to visit my cousins in Santa Cruz, USA.  After 4 days I got homesick so had to cut the trip short.  I shall be writing a full story all about the trip very soon.

In Februry 2006 I had another call from a film company who wanted to interview me about my childhood days.  Apparently it is going to be shown on the BBC in September 2006.  It went well and the producer liked me that much she said she was going to make another film which she told me all about and she would like me to be in that one as well so I told the story how I fell in love with a beautiful pagan witch a few years ago and I married her for a year and a day, I don't expect they will show that piece!

Anyway that is it for now and I shall try and keep you all updated as the year goes along.  We are not perfect here so please forgive us if the punctuation and spelling isn't always correct!!