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The fogou my 'magic' underground chamber was built in 1992.  It took 6 months to build with the help of my stone team, friends and holidaymakers and this was the biggest project I had ever undertaken.  The chamber is 12ft undergound and inside the height is 7ft and 12ft in diameter.  The walls are 2ft thick and the roof is made up of 4 capstones, the biggest weighing 7 tonnes.  In the womb of mother earth we do meditation and re-birthing ceremonies.

In the centre of the chamber stands a lucky touchstone.  This is a piece of Italian marble called the 'Drekly' stone.  Legend says if you touch this stone with your clothes on you will get some luck but if you touch the stone with your clothes off the you will be guaranteed better luck Drekly!

The 'Drekly' stone