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Monster Hunting

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Monster Hunting

Cornwall is known as the 'Land of Legend' with many wonderful myths and creatures, like pixies, mermaids and spiggans and until fairly recently, the Great Cornish Sea-Serpent was regarded as part of that legend. This sea serpent or to give its real name, The Morgawr has been seen in and around Cornish coast, especially around the Falmouth Bay area, The mouth of the Helford River appears to be the area most favoured by the sea-serpents; the majority of sightings being from the stretch of coastline between Rosemullion Head and Toll Point. This is now known as 'Morgawr's mile' it has been seen a number of times and well documented, on some occasions the water will boil with the swimming beasts, but they are rarely seen in the flesh. So what does this creature look like? Well it is about 30 feet long with a body of a seal it has an elongated neck with a beaked head, not dissimilar to a swan; it also has a tail which is about 8 feet in length.

Fishermen have told stories of the creatures and of sightings, while out on the sea, they also tell of strange whistling and cooing noises, the fish finder would show a shoal of fish on the screen but when the nets were dropped there was nothing there.

One story that I have heard was when a deckhand was bent over the gunnels of the boat, hauling in the crab pots, the water went calm he told me, then one of these creatures swam past the boat, he was so shocked as he had never seen anything like this before, he had only heard stories of such beasts. He rushed straight to the captain and told him what he had seen; the captain’s reply was to tell him to make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as they reached port.

This shows that not everyone believes in these creatures, but if you are in the right place at the right time they will show themselves.

There are things in this world that we can’t explain strange myths of monsters and spirits of people, angels that walk beside us, taking care of us, the beast of Bodmin moor. Whether these creatures that we see are real or just the spirits of creatures that lived long ago I’m not sure, one thing I do know is they are with us.

Recently I have been talking to a psychic friend of mine about this, and she told me that she had also had visions of these creatures, so we decided, next Monday or Tuesday that we would hire a little boat and go on a monster hunt.

Hopefully we will catch a glimpse of these creatures. I will let you know if we do.

There are many stories of people seeing strange creatures in this world, I have spoken too many of them but I have never heard of anyone that has seen a mammoth yet.


Ed Prynn