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August Update

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Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well. I have a few things to tell you, some Good News and some bad, I think I will start with the bad news. About three Sundays ago we were all sat in the chapel, there were 30 of us; three quarters of them were visitors. The vicar told us all that the chapel's days were numbered and that it would probably
be sold. Well I was absolutely devastated; I have been worshipping in this chapel all my life my family have always worshipped here, mum was always here.

The lady preacher said lets all put our hands together and rejoice, I thought what is their to rejoice about, and where will we rejoice in the future, this was a bitter blow to us all, some members of the congregation started to cry, when I left the chapel that day and walked home I was on a real downer.

I have spoken to many people lately about our chapel and I have come to the conclusion that this had to happen, there aren't enough young people coming through, and with people wanting more free time for themselves, there isn't time left for the chapel. I will find somewhere else to pray whether I go to St. Merryn church or Padstow, I will find a way.

There is a young person around this area, a local person that has been diagnosed with a tumour on the brain, things were very sad his mother had just about fell apart, no one thought that the young lad would be here for Christmas.

While I was at Lourdes last Christmas I bought a bunch of flowers and placed them next to the statue of the virgin Mary, and I prayed for the young lad, and asked to give him another chance, I also brought him back a bottle of water and gave it to his mum, later in the week I saw the young boy in the village, he came up to me and thanked me for what I had given him. I told him to bless himself with the water and even drink it if he wanted. He told me that he was off to a special hospital in Bristol the next day and that he would do this before he went. I thought to myself, not always does this work, but I had a feeling something good was going to happen.

A few days later I had a healer come to see me, I told him and he prayed for this boy.

I also dipped a piece of rag into my well which is a modern day holy well and tied it in the branches of Boris the oak tree that is in my garden.

Well things got better he had all the tests and things weren't as bad as they first thought, and he is home, lets hope he has a long and happy life.

I must add that sometimes no matter how much praying there is, thing don't always work, this is gods will he has the final say.

A lot of people from around Padstow have been going to China, I have told them how lucky they are, and that I always wanted to go to china. I wanted to go to china because I like the people and there culture, there music is wonderful, I also like those great big water buffalo that pull the ploughs in the paddy fields.

I said this to my friend Paul about it, (he edits all the tapes for my web site) he said that it was his dream that he wanted to go to china a sail on a boat down the Yangtze river, and I told him that it was my dream to stand behind a water buffalo with the reigns over my shoulder and my trousers turned up and pull a plough. He said we ought to go before we get to old.

This was on my mind for a couple of days, so I rang him up and said would you come to China with me I really want to go, well there was no hesitation he said yes right away. It looks as if our dreams might come true, because that night I booked up for us to have 7 days in Beijing in china, Paul is going to document the trip and take the photos, he is at college doing a degree in photography, I expect we will have a wonderful story to tell, I have got to learn a little bit of mandarin just to get me by, just yes, no please and thank you, I'm sure Paul will shine with the languages. We are booked up to go in may 2009 I can't wait.

My grandson Matthew has been picked to play rugby for Cornwall, I am so proud.

Four ladies turned up at my house the other day, I showed them all about water divining, we had a wonderful afternoon and they went away happy.