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Dick Turpin

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News Flash

I have just come back from a trip away with Christopher, he went to Birmingham to buy a loading shovel bucket, it weighed 2 tons and we used the land rover with a trailer.
Everything went well on the way there, the purchase went well, in fact it was a good trip, but on the way back we were robbed, yes robbed.
It was getting late and we decided to pull into a service station near Bristol, we went to the counter and ordered, I had fish, chips and peas and Christopher had chicken and chips. That was when it happened, the person at the checkout rung it up and said, that will be £18.30 please. He should have said STAND AND DELIVER. Christopher said to the person on the till, who owns this place, Dick Turpin, because that is highway robbery.
Well we sat down and ate our food only because we were hungry, Christopher said well I know what Dick Turpin did with all his money he opened up a chain of well known transport restaurants, they should have been renamed the Dick Turpin, highway café or something similar, well we got on our way and got home safely, even if a little poorer.

All the best Ed

PS if going on a journey on the motor way take a packed lunch. You never know Dick Turpin could be around the next bend.