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Dowsing Group

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Dowsing Group Visit 11th May

On the 11th May St Austell Dowsing Group came up to visit me at the stones.  There were about 15 of them and I gave them a tour of the stones and chamber.  We then got on with some Dowsing and Taz helped me to get the sticks ready for the group.  All of the group passed as druids and dowsers but as I told the group I wouldn't like to be in the Sahara Desert with a few of them!  I'm hoping to go to Lundy Island with the group later in the year and I shall be taking my friend Paul with me.  At the end of the evening we had a BBQ.  I'm not one for BBQ food but as it smelt so nice I had about 3 burgers.  Roly the dog almost ate all the food before it got on the BBQ but we caught him just in time.  Tilly the cat kept a low profile.  In all it was a great day with wonderful weather and now I am looking forward to my next group on the 15th June.
P.S. I've been to Madron Holy Well with my friend Geoff to work on a film for the website.  Should be ready in about 4 weeks.