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Ed's Art Lesson

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Just before Christmas I went to Padstow for my first art lesson.  They were to be held at the seaman’s mission just up from the harbour commissioner’s office, I was the only one there apart from the teachers. They showed me where I was to sit and I told them that I knew nothing about painting but that I was interested in art and I was a great fan of the artist Robert Lenkiewicz. By this time a few more people had turned up. We all set up our equipment and started with a few simple exercises as the lady teacher came over to me I said to her that I wanted to learn to draw a sheet of galvanise, that’s a strange request she said what do you want to draw that for are you going to build a shed?  I said that I was doing a painting and that this was going to be one of my symbols, but as for anything else, I’m afraid my lips are sealed.


I want to be a symbol abstract painter, and over the years I have heard many great stories so I have decided to portray these stories in art and paint them with the use of Cornish hieroglyphics. There will be a series of seven and each painting has its own story painted in symbols. The stories were the best stories told in the crib hut over a period of two years, and would shock most men.  After that I am going to paint seven mystical and religious works.


I have finished my first work and you can see it below. I feel that I had help with this my first canvas from Robert Lenkiewicz, and Leonardo de Vinci. There auras were with me, well with my eye sight I need as much help as I can get!


I will keep you all posted on how it’s going, but that’s it for now,


Take care



Ed's Other Work

Ed's Other Work