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Summer 2007 Update

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Summer Update

I had to go to a funeral of a great friend of mine called Dennis Constance, after the funeral I met up with Booby’s outside the church in Padstow she came up to me and gave me a big hug and I squeezed her tight. We went for a walk to the harbour and decided to go out on the speed boat, I knew the captain but he wasn’t looking at me, he was eyeing up booby’s, a lot of the Padstow people know her and call her the lady.  We sat up front with the captain, and as we picked up speed I turned back to look at the other passengers and saw the wake of the boat, I knew we were going fast, we headed out past Georges well and out towards the island turned and headed in the direction of Polzeath, then with another turn we headed for stepper point quarry where we arced around past tregirls beach and then started to head back home we went across the doom bar and back into Padstow, in all it must have taken 10 – 15 mins. Back on the quay side we thanked the captain and walked back around the harbour, booby’s gave me a present she bought me a bunch of flowers no one has ever given me flowers before so I will treasure these ones. Well our day came to an end and booby’s went home, I might not see her for a while but I think of her constantly.




I have been to Wales for a little holiday to Abergavenny, I worked for a company that tested plant machinery and I worked in Abergavenny and now I was back again.  This is happening a lot lately all the places I have been before I am getting the chance to visit again.

What brought us back this time was one of my sons big loading shovel had axle trouble so we took it there for repair, there are places in Cornwall but they are to expensive, we had a good journey up dropped of the axle and came home, on the way back we had a puncture in the trailer, we didn’t get back till late, 2 days later my son went back on his own to pick it up. Well they did a great job and it is all working properly again.


                       Princess Diana


I would like to talk about Princess Diana, she was the most wonderful woman in the world there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for the people she would visit the sick and dying meet the poor, the blind and the disabled she was a shining star with a great gift, she was like a philanthropist, but she never gave away money she gave away love and caring to everyone. I have met lots of people in Cornwall who have told me that when they were in play school or an orphanage or an event that they had met the Princess and that she had kissed them or touched them and spoken to them they said she was magical. I think that god put on earth to show what love and kindness can do for people.

I must confess I would have loved to have met the Princess.

She was such a wondrous person she will never be forgotten some people have said put her to rest, we will never be able to do that she will always be in our memories for ever and ever, and she will go down in history because she was touched by gods mystic hand.






My step daughter Emma had a weeks holiday and she said to me is there any where you would like to go, I said lets go for a day trip on an aeroplane, no she said I like to drive lets go somewhere I can drive, we jostled around a few places then after a while she said lets go to Glastonbury, YES I said, I would love to go to Glastonbury. We left on Monday morning early, I arranged with my friend Paul to come over and take Rolly for a walk about lunch time because I knew we would be back late. we went to the Sainsbury’s at Clarks village at Street for breakfast, we was both dieting but I didn’t stop us having the big breakfast, (it wasn’t that big I can tell you.) we got to Glastonbury about 10 o clock, we caught the bus to the Tor, a Tor is a high outcrop of rock and Glastonbury Tor is suppose to be a magical place and on top of Glastonbury Tor is a church. People thought that the higher up they were the closer they were to god.



We walked up to the top, when we got there were 2 people, who were national trust reps I asked the whereabouts of a certain thorn tree, the most famous one he said was on another hill, people visit it and put ribbons on it, these trees have great mystical powers, he also said that there are quite a few thorn trees around this hill which are the off shoots of the original mystical tree.

We went into the Abbey, Emma gave me a wonderful guided tour pointed out all the sights and the views and told me all about the church and its history. On the way out we asked the national trust rep about chalice well

The Chalice Well is actually a spring that naturally arises in this place. The word "Well" comes from the Anglo Saxon word "Wella" meaning spring. The spring itself is capped, to ensure its purity, and the water rises up in a stone well shaft, that is believed to over 800 years old. At the time of its construction it probably stood above ground at a height of 10 feet (3 metres). Since that time it has been covered by subsidence and landslide's from Chalice Hill and the Tor.


The myths associated with Glastonbury Tor are extraordinary. It has been called a magic mountain, a faeries' glass hill, a spiral castle, a Grail castle, the Land of the Dead, Hades, a Druid initiation centre, an Arthurian hill-fort, a magnetic power-point, a crossroads of leys, a centre for Goddess fertility rituals and celebrations, a converging point for UFOs.

These myths are still very much alive today, although they are constantly being built upon and undergoing change. This is not surprising, given that this 500-foot-high conical hill is a most striking and inspiring landmark – visible at vast distances and yet invisible at certain angles close-by

I asked the girl do many people come here to be healed, yes she said we get lots, I said have you ever had any miraculous cures, yes she said we have had a few.  These healing wells work differently at different times the moon and the tides are a big factor in this and I knew that at the moment the tides and the moon were at its strongest, I thought that I would give it a go and bless myself, although there isn’t a awful lot wrong with me, I washed my hands and then rubbed some water over my bad eye, (well it wasn’t much point I thought rubbing the water over my glass eye, that would be a miracle if it could get that one working again.) I said bless me lord and  keep me safe, I said to Emma you must do your own thing as it is  private and I walked away, but I did overhear her say lord help me with my asthma and keep me strong. As we left we bought a bottle of water from Chalice well and it is at home on my mantelpiece. To all you people out there I must tell you, these holy wells aren’t just in the West Country they are all over the world so if you know of one get down to it and bless yourself, the magic will never go away and if it works for you think what money you would save the National Health Service.


We came back to the Abbey, there was a sign that read here Arthur and Guinevere was laid to rest. When you see these signs it doesn’t really matter if they were or weren’t but what you will feel is a presence of them. I had a friend who went to Israel, he wasn’t really a religious man, he did believe in god but he didn’t have religious mania, but the visit did something to him and he cried.  I felt close to Arthur and Guinevere but not as close as I felt to Merlin when I stood next to the thorn tree up in Scotland, there I felt Merlin was standing next to me.  We went into the shopping centre and bought myself a new suit and then we headed home back to Cornwall and Rolly.




The next wedding that I had to do was going to be a big wedding, this was going to be the biggest one I had ever done. It was a glorious summer’s day we had a gazebo in the garden. The groom was peter and the bride was Isabel, I had never seen a bride come to the stone as beautiful as Isabel, she was wearing a Mexican style dress off the shoulder coming down into a v, it was red and gold and made from a velvet material she looked gorgeous and Peter was stunning in his suit, the guests of which there were 100 of them were dressed in all types of fancy dress, Elvis, Pirates  allsorts, we all gathered around the wedding stone and as always I said this wedding that I am now going to perform is the oldest style of wedding, the druids actually did use this, I am so proud to be arch druid and to perform these ceremonies. The Druid wedding is for a year and a day, I asked Isabel how long she wanted to have written on the certificate, a year and a day, she said write as long as love shall last, which I thought was fantastic, but in there case it will last forever. The atmosphere was electric and I felt that I knew all the people and I felt comfortable with them. Isabel’s mother and aunties had made enough food to feed the 5000 they also made loads of scones with jam and cream, (I must admit I had 3 myself.) for 2   hours the 2 of them buttered jammed and creamed scones to keep all the guests happy, they went like wild fire. It was a special day. There are a lot of couples that come to the stones that marry themselves this is not a problem there is a plaque next to the wedding stone that says couples can marry for a year and a day and a lot of people come to renew there vows.


One evening there was a knock at the door and there were a couple standing there, they looked happy and they were laughing and joking, I said how can I help you, she said today is the autumn equinox and for good luck could we use your wedding stone, yes of course I said are you going to do your own service, yes they said, who are you I asked, she said you know who I am I am little miss dynamite. For those of you who go out to the clubs and events around Corwall little miss dynamite is a singer and entertainer. I invited then in for a cup of tea I said to her husband you can make the tea, that is what I do I like to make people feel at home like they are in there own home, so he made the tea. And then they went out and married themselves for a year and a day. Good luck little miss dynamite.


One day when I was in Padstow walking along the quay I was approached by one of the fishermen that I knew, he said to me do you do weddings out your place, yes I said. Would you marry me and my girlfriend, yes of course I would come to the stones tonight at 6.30. they turned up he was all scrubbed up and smart not in his fishing smock although there isn’t any law that says what you have to wear for a druid wedding, his girlfriend was from Milford Haven a welsh girl he met her he told me while he was fishing up there. Well they were married I blessed them and I gave them their certificate.




Mathew is my grandson, I have told you how he loves his rugby, so I went to watch him have trials for Cornwall down at Newquay, me and Christopher didn’t go in so we watched through a wire fence. He is a real character so is his brother Jack when they were younger they took a hammer and a chisel from the shed and started knocking down the corner of the house it was lucky Christopher came back in time I think they might of demolished it, we have got a saying in Cornwall we would call them 2 pretty beauties. As time goes on I will tell you more about them.



St Merryn Carnival


St Merryn carnival gets bigger and bigger every year this year we went in as DR Who I was the Dr, we came 2nd in the long wheel based float group it was great my friend Geoff put in a lot of hard work on the float.


                     The Cart Horse


 Im getting a lot older and I am beginning to struggle to ride my push bike into Padstow well the other day I had a farmer friend ring me up and he said that he had a cart horse actually it was a Suffolk punch ploughing horse that had got to old to work and it needed a good home. Do I know of any one who would have it. I said well as a matter of fact I do I will have it and I could use it to go in and out of Padstow every day, he laughed and said sorry Ed I cant give it to you because I know full well that after a week of the horse living outside you would feel sorry for it and take it in doors and I don’t think your bungalow is tall enough, and im certain the floor boards wouldn’t take the weight as he is almost a ton, well I had to laugh because I think he was right.