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Speedway Trip

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Speedway trip to the Millenium Stadium

Well 2 days later we were off again this time to the British Speedway finals at Cardiff in the millennium stadium, I do like the millennium stadium so I treated myself to another trip, there was a local Cornish boy riding called Chrissie Harris and it would be good to cheer him on. We found the hotel and then walked down to the stadium, we met 2 other people from St Merryn, got our tickets and went in to the stadium, it was a wild night outside, but inside you wouldn’t have known this because the roof was closed, I had to take off my coat as it was to hot, all the other people there and there was about 42000 of them were all in their T shirts.  I said to Matt would you like to play rugby down there, yes he said I would, so I said to him if you ever play here I will be in the stand watching.


Before the racing began there was a group singing and they really entertained us with songs like the green green grass of home, Delilah, and many more.  Then came time for the racing, in the 2nd heat was our young man from St Austell in Cornwall I really think that one day he will be big in this sport, well he won his heat and I turned to my son and said I think tonight is going to be his night. Well the heats came and went and although I can’t see a lot I rely on the commentary provided from my grandson I knew Chrissie was getting closer to the final.  Well he reached the final and the gates went up and they were off.  Matt said that Chrissie was in last place and I thought that his time had gone but then something magical seemed to happen he seemed to accelerate through the field of riders and won the race, he became British champion the first British rider to do this for 7 years. Then came the firework display and what a display it was. It was a wondrous work of pyrotechnics, the colours were brilliant and it finished with a magnificent explosion, which I thought was a terrorist bomb, they all laughed at me. We went back to the hotel and had our supper then went to bed. The next day we went to Newport to watch more speedway I sat in the stand as I could see better and it was more exciting. Then we went back to Cardiff for the evening we had a walk around the sea front where there was a cinema and tea rooms with all sorts of restaurants it was a great place, I liked it.

We came home the next day early we left at 6 am as we had to be home for Christopher to be back at work at the recycling centre, so there you are another great weekend away.

I hope to go next year we will see, god willing.