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S E D Show

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The SED show is a show for builders and building firms and plant machine firms if you are in this trade it is the show to go too.

The show is held at Rockingham motor stadium, between Leicester and Peterborough. My son Christopher drove up in the morning it took us 5 hours to get there. It was another scorching hot day. In our party was my son, Yalt Blanc (a Dutch man), Christopher’s old boss from Africa, and young Jack Prynn (my grandson). It wasn’t long after we got into the show that I got lost and spent most of the day on my own in the end I had to ring back to St Eval recycling and tell them that I would be at the main gate at 4.30.

One thing, I enjoyed my own company and had a great day, but I was glad to get back home to the stones, I do love travelling but I do easily get home sick and 1 day or maybe 2 is probably my limit, my friend Paul said, Ed you’re probably the only person who would want to go for a day trip to the moon. Yes I said, I think you are right. That night I slept well in my big four poster bed with Roly my dog curled up next to me, he doesn’t like it when I go away on trips and I miss him as well, he was still there when I woke up.