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Truro city football club managed to get to the FA vase trophy final, which meant that they would play Totton AFC at the new Wembley stadium. Although I’m not a regular Truro city football club follower I thought it would be a great chance to see the new Wembley stadium that every one was talking about, while giving support to one of our Cornish football teams. So me and  3 friends left the stones at 6 45 am on the 13th of May, and drove to Bristol park way where we caught the train into Paddington station, there we caught the tube to Wembley stadium.

As we were walking to the stadium there was an absolute down pour with a huge clap of thunder and a flash of lightning, I thought to myself won’t be long until we are in the stadium and out of the rain.

We walked up over the ramp way and on towards the stadium it seemed to keep growing in size, the closer we got to it,  and then we were there standing outside the magnificent stadium it was like a castle, but a 21st century castle all metal and concrete it was amazing. We met a couple of other people from St Merryn, and then went in. once inside we decided to have a bite to eat and a drink, I wont go into the prices to much but if we had stayed for tea I would have had to re mortgage the stones lets say it wasn’t cheap. Well we decided to get to our seats and wait for the football to start we walked through the tunnel and ……………. Wow what a sight it was wondrous a fantastic view a 90 thousand all seater stadium the whole arena was astounding, we had front row seats and as we walked down to the front we felt water splashing on our heads, we took our seats it was pouring down, I said to my friend about the rain and why haven’t they pulled the roof over, he said,  ROOF,  they haven’t got a roof, well I was flabbergasted, what 900 million pounds and they didn’t put a roof on, what sort of climate do they think we live in, its hardly Arizona.

Well onto the football Truro city came onto the field and all the Cornish people cheered, there were about 30,000 people there a lot of them were Cornish and they were in fine voice with shouts of, OGGY OGGY OGGY, OI OI OI it was a great atmosphere, we all joined in with the Mexican wave and spirits were high, but then Totton scored and the mood changed the Cornish support went quiet and there was a thought of losing, my friend next to me started blaming the Ref, calling him a few odd names but as half time approached Truro scored and they went into the break all even. In the 2nd half Truro pushed forward and scored twice more it finished 3 – 1 and we left happy. It was a great day for us and Truro, but a sour note would have to be the roof or lack of it, its no good building a castle for 90,000 people when 5,000 of them are sitting in the moat, it gave me a bad vibe and I think that it won’t be a winning place for England until they build a roof on the castle of sport, I hope I’m wrong, only time will tell.