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My Garden

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My vision of building a stone henge  became reality on 5th March 1982 when my 10 tonne Rocking Stone arrived.  From that day on my life changed, a new world opened up before me.  A lot of people had told me to be careful as there was a lot of superstition and power with these stones.  A rocking stone was said to be a druid ceremonial stone where archdruids would swear their oaths.  Legend says if you tell lies on a rocking stone you will be punished now and hereafter.  Also if you have wicked thoughts legend says you will not be able to rock the stone.  Since the stone has been in place many people have also come to wish for a baby! And lots of the wishes have come true!

The Rocking Stone


A blast at the quarry for my first standing stone was made in 1983.  The stone was called the Peacemaker and represents man and is situated in the centre of the circle.  It weighed 75 tonnes and measured 36ft long.  The idea was to put 6ft in the ground and have 30ft standing but when they moved the stone it broke so the quarry manager sculptured the stone circle from the broken pieces.  The stone circle took 8 hours to build and stands tall and proud for all to see surrounded by trees.  The tallest stone is called Marion and stands 14ft out of the ground.  The circle has 7 outer stones named after the ladies in my life.  There isn't many writers, past or present, that would ever doubt for one moment that the stone circle was a fertility right.  Modern day druids including myself have spent many hours out in the stone circle dancing and I must admit that it makes us feel very romantic and very happy!

Seven Sisters Stone Circle


The Healing stone is a replica of the Men-an-tol holed stone and has helped many people since 1984 especially those with bad backs.

The Healing Stone


On the other side of the Rocking stone stands 2 rugged pieced of quartzcite standing 6ft out of the ground.  These have travelled 8,000 miles from Mount Pleasent on the Falkland Islands.  With the help of Sir Rex Hunt and Mowlems they found their final resting place in my garden in 1985.

The Falkland Island Stones


In the old days couples would go to a holed stone and marry for a year and a day on the eve of the summer soltice.  I thought this was a good idea and so did a lot of my friends, so in 1986 I decided to get my own wedding stone.  Since the first wedding many couples have gone through the ceremony which I perform.  The couples can marry for a day, a week, a fortnight of however long they want.  Please contact me if you would like to be married.  There is a small charge for the ceremony (please ring for details) and you will receive a certificate.

The Wedding Stone


The massive monument with 3 legs and an 18 tonne capstone was erected in 1987.  These monuments are called a quoit, portel dolmen or cromlech.  There are 12 others in Cornwall and this one is known as the Angels Runway.

Angels Runway


Merlin the great magician said 'In the event of something great happening, great Kings, Queens and Leaders of the world would come to a Judgement stone'.  So in between the Rocking stone and the stone circle you will find my Judgement stone, a piece of Italian marble rescued from the sea in 1983.  It was on board a ship called the Petrel which was shipwrecked in Treyarnon Bay in 1886.

Judgement Stone